After the installation of Autostart Speed Control the car can be used exactly as before. The system only affects the car when the red button START is pressed.

When START is pressed the Autostart Speed Control will regulate the speed of the car according to the program currently chosen. The driver of the car can abort an ongoing start sequence by pressing the brake pedal or by switching off the power to the Autostart Speed Control unit.

The driver can also drive faster than the predefined speeds in the current program by manually accelerate. Programming a start sequence in the computer unit is very simple. See an example of a program below:



The Distance column defines the distance from the starting point where the car stands before it starts to roll.
The Speed column defines the wanted speed of the car at the given distance.
The Print column defines if the speed of the car should be stored in memory so that it later can be printed. In the example below the speed of the car at distance 100, 200 and 300 yards will be printed.
The Beep column defines if the computer unit should beep (make a sound) when passing the given distance. In the example below the unit will beep at 300 yards.